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The Vanishing of a Species?

Don't miss QP's latest book - The Vanishing of a Species? - chronicling modern man's predicament and the fate of mankind should serious adjustments in attitude not be made in the very near future. A must read in today's turbulent times.


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Vanishing covers a wide spectrum from man's early beginnings to the modern problems of population increase, resource depletion, pollution, crime, and many more. The book addresses the roles that heredity (nature) and environment (nurture) play in shaping man, and in particular, his current high level of aggressiona trait that stands in the way of the Human Revolution. The author calls for the humanists to communicate with the technologists through an interdisciplinary dialogue that may pave the way to the Human Revolution.


Vanishing should appeal to all audiences. Recent economic turmoil around the globe, and increasing evidence of the serious strain placed on the earth by the demands of humankind, make the observations and recommendations raised within Vanishing deserving of the sober attention of all Homo sapiens interested in the survival and prosperity of their species.


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